14 Tips Weight Loss Solution and Rescue From The Experts That Really Work

Do you think weight loss costly? what is your weight loss solution to take care? It is easy to maintain a regular exercise and healthy diet once you already have the guide. 

But some of the hindrances are emerge unexpectedly. Our behavior will change after we see the body improvement or before we can finish the weight loss program.

During our weight loss effort, we might get injured, we might picking some drinks which seems healthy but actually isn’t, we are having a hard time to eat the first veggie meal, or we can’t find the right food to keep feeling satiated.

As a matter of fact, there will be so many reasons for us to fail but we need to live and learn. We can’t lose the excess fat on the dot unless we are well-prepared with upcoming challenges.

Here is your helpful low cost weight loss solution to the related obstacle during weight loss:  

List of weight loss solution for:

1. Junk food snacker

If you have all day snacking habit you should pay attention to the food that you love to eat.

Are you junk food Snacker

Eating while you’re watching TV or reading is not a bad habit. 

It becomes a bad habit because you are choosing the wrong food.

The best food companion for your snacking time is something sweet, filling, and fast such as fruits and nuts. 

Do not opt for something sweet, filling, and fast such as potato chips, ice-cream, and French fries. The food option is important when you want to have a snack. Choose something safe to eat so you don’t put on some weight.

Drink lots of water not only helps keep the system clean and dehydrated, but also kills the cravings to have junk food. Drink at least six to eight glasses of water every day to increase the rate of metabolism and remove toxins from the body.

This tricks from Women’sHealth Magazine about 6 Smart Snacking Habits That Can Help You Lose Weight

2. First Time Veggie Meal

You know vegetable is super healthy but you’ve never tried it before. If you don’t start to eat it now, you will be in pain of heavy weight loss workout. This is the simple solution.

Try to eat cucumber, carrot, and green peas for a start. It’s sweet and colorful to trigger your appetite. On the next day, you can try the vegetable soup.

You can try pumpkin soup, onion soup, ginger soup, and green leafy soup before you taking the next big step. 

You must have been hard pressed for trying to eat sauté vegetable or vegetable roll before. Start with raw vegetable and soup before eating the real vegetable meal is the easy way to introduce your taste bud with vegetables.

3. Eating 24/7

You will eat more than you should take if you keep on seeing food in your living room, bedroom, and kitchen. 

Some of us are placing a jar of biscuits or candies on the living room table, a small beverage refrigerator in the bedroom and a lot of junk food in the kitchen cabinets so it will come in handy whenever you want to eat.

Filling every corner of your house with food is not a good idea because it will encourage you to eat more.

You have one best solution for this situation. The first one is, you can replace all the soft drinks with plain water, sugar-free tea, sugar-free coffee, or vitamin water, and replace the junk food with raw food. 

You also can set your living room table and dining table with a plate of fruits instead of cookies and candies. 

Right now, whenever you want to nibble something, you only provide yourself with low car, zero sugar, and low calories food to keep the weight gain at bay.

4. Addict To Dine Out

Addict To Dine OutEating out is convenient but dining out every day will risk your body to put on some weight real fast. 

Please remind yourself that the more you eat out, the easier for you to eat more high-calorie food or high-fat food.

To avoid extra calories, please cook more at home or choose the right restaurant that serves healthy food. 

A lot of restaurants nowadays serve large portions of food so please don’t mind to share with your friends. But, if it is a table for 1, please order your food on a plate rather than platters. (source)

5. Never Feel Enough

Some people eat like there is no tomorrow. It is not easy for them to feel satiated. Your weight loss solution to this problem is you should select the right food. Salty food is one of the foods that keep you hungry. It will cause you to overeat.

Get more water-rich food such as chicken soup, cucumber salsa, salad or fruits. These are the food that will keep you satiated for hours. 

If it still doesn’t work, you can sniff peppermint essential oil or orange essential oil. It will control your appetite so you won’t feel hungry so easily.  

6. Eat A Lot Of Carb

If you are culturally eating a lot of bread, pasta or pizza, you should change your daily menu to reduce the amount of carb and fat intake. 

Your daily meal will be the biggest contributor to your weight gain if you don’t change your food intake.

Switch to food that high in fiber, protein, and water. It will promote a very good digestion, provide a lot of essential nutrients to our body, and reduce the amount of oil, sugar, carb, and fat intake in your everyday meal. (source)

7. Sweet Tooth Problem

A lot of us especially the kids are fond to sweet treats. If you are addicted to sweet food, you need to change your food selection so it won’t cause you to gain extra weight.

Instead of eating sweet food such as chocolate cake, ice-cream, or sweet pastries, you can switch to berries, apples, raisins, seedless grapes, or pineapple to satisfy your sweet tooth.

8. You Keep On Pouring Dressing

Salad is a healthy and fulfilling food but it can go wrong if you pouring a lot of dressing. Salad dressing is made from several ingredients that high in calories and fat. 

Put your dressing on the side to avoid extra calories intake. If you want to eat at the restaurant, ask the waiter to put your salad dressing on the side instead of drown the salad with it.

There is a good tip for you to enjoy your salad. It’s called “fork dip”. You need dressing to give a significant flavor to your salad. 

So, you have to know that drowning your salad with dressing is absolutely unnecessary to get the flavor. Dip your fork into the dressing before skewering the salad. 

You will tell no difference because you still get the taste without having too much calories using this method.

9. Unable To Say No

You are going to a party where all the foods are available on the table. Since you are currently in a weight loss program, you are not going to eat something fatty and high-calories. 

Your friends at the party will insist you to try some of the cuisines. Of course, it is hard for you to say no. So, this is your solution. Go to the table and look for options.

The best food you can eat of course fresh fruits. But, if it is not available, choose for pudding, a piece of chicken breast, or nuts. 

Put it in a plate and keep it with you until the party is over. People will stop asking you to add more food if they see you still have a plate of food in your hands. (source)

10. Your Back Pain Is Too Much

You can’t go to exercise because of your back injury. If you have this kind of pain, you are not able to do the heavy lifting, running, or even jogging. 

It takes 8-10 weeks to heal your back pain completely. In that period of time, it is more than enough to cause you weight gain at least 8pounds. This is how you can avoid weight gain at a time like that.

Maintain your high-fiber, high-protein, and low-calories food during your treatment. You need a lot of nutrients to support your healing process. 

Discuss with your doctor about options to keep your body active without affecting your back. Avoid late night snack or eating out of boredom because that is so attempting according to your condition right now.

11. Unhealthy Fruit Juice

Your new favorite drink is fruit juice but not the real fruit juice. A real fruit juice is a fresh extracted juice from the fruit without any added sugar, artificial flavor, and artificial preservatives. 

If you have no idea of why your body weight is suddenly increasing, you should check your new favorite drink too.

Manufactured fruit juice usually contains a lot of sugar. You should be careful when choosing fruit juice in the grocery store. 

If you don’t have time to make your own fresh fruit juice at home, please identify a stall, food truck, or restaurant that can sell it to you.

12. On A Tight Budget

You want to enter the weight loss program or go to the gym regularly but your tight budget is worrying you. Don’t worry because you have weight loss community activity for free. 

Before you spend a fortune, please ask the nearest health clinic or health center if they know any community weight loss program for you to join. 

You can join the weekly marathon or community running program during health event held by your nearest healthy NGO or government healthcare.

There is a health app that you can download for free to start your daily running activity. It can record your running progress to let you compare the improvement you’ve made every day. 

Everyone agrees that exercise regularly will keep your body fit and healthy but not everybody can afford expensive gym class. You need to do it on your own effective way and free exercise program does exist. (source)

13. Too Much Food Allergy

This is one of the biggest hindrances that you need to take action fast. During weight loss program, you need to enjoy a variety of food to avoid you from boredom. 

You must be excited about your weight loss meal everyday but your food allergy problem will be getting in your way.

You need to see your nutritionist and discuss about your concern. Get a list of healthy food that suitable for your body. 

A nutritionist will guide you to find the best food options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack in between. This is why you have to gather as much information as you can because it will avoid you from being unmotivated for good

14. You’ve Been Fail Before

Do not let your previous weight loss failure bring you down. It is so heartbreaking to see you’re not making any progress after all that effort. 

It will affect you mentally because you will doubt yourself in the future to lose weight again.

You need to do something to gain your strength again. The best way to do this is by watching other people successful weight loss story. 

It will inspire you to do your best in weight loss effort. Weight loss victory based on a true story like that not only inspiring but it will make you understand that each of us needs a different approach to losing weight. 

We are genetically unique so our way should fit our body needs. Watch their stories to get as much weight loss tips as you can so you will understand which one is suitable for you. Some of them maybe have the similarities in you so pay attention to their stories.

Share your problem with your family and friends to let them know how important for you to lose weight this time. 

You are concern about your family and you need to get back your self-confidence. You want to feel good about yourself again. 

This is the right time for your family to push you to achieve your weight loss dream.

Conclusion for Your Weight Loss Solution

Some of the problems that you have while losing weight are different from others. Knowledge is important to prepare yourself for unexpected challenges in your weight loss journey. 

Not all of us can afford a personal trainer to cut the pounds. The best way to find your weight loss solution is by identifying your root cause.

After you identified the real reason for your weight gain, you can get the best option to solve the problem. 

One more important thing is the support from your family and friends. Their advice and encouragement will keep you going.

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