Weight Loss Plan for Women: Why Are You Not Burning Any Fat

Weight Loss Plan for Women

The annual profits from weight loss programs in the US and Europe alone are USD150 billion per year. This figure shows that how high in demand for weight loss program. Weight Loss plan for women who need to stay in shapes such as celebrities, models, and the one who care about their health.

There are so much weight loss plan for women program options to choose from and the endless options of weight loss supplements too. 

But the question is, why are you not losing any weight yet after all that exercise in the gym and eating protein shakes? Here are some of the reasons why the weight loss program has gone wrong.

7 Essential Factors Why You can’t Lose Weight

1. Your hormones aren’t balanced.

It’s hard for you to lose body weight if your body is constantly exhausted or you are suffering from irregular menstrual cycles. This condition will cause the imbalance of your hormones. ‹¹›

Another factor that will cause your hormones become fluctuating is chemicals exposure from your personal products, food, skin care, and perfume. 

If you think that you are already put your 100% best effort to follow the weight loss plan for women guideline but still no positive transition, it’s time for you to see your nutritionist or doctor. 

You need a full medical checkup to know what causes your body unable to cut the pounds and how to get a well-balanced hormone for good. 

Resource :  Irregular Period & Weight Gain by Livestrong.com

2. Your exercise routine is all wrong.

This always happens to a person who tries to lose weight without a proper guide from a trainer. Everybody knows eating low calories food and exercising are the ways to lose some weight. ‹²›

But most of them don’t know what type of exercise that required for their body. This is why you need to refer from an experienced person or a personal trainer. 

They will guide you through the weight loss plan for women process and give you the best advice from time to time to make sure that your effort every day counts.

Resource : Why Does My Workout Cause Weight Gain? by Shape.com

3. You’re not getting enough Vitamin D.

If your body is low in Vitamin D, your weight loss goal maybe will get delayed. Vitamin D is not only for your body and organ’s health. It is associated with the metabolic process that indirectly helps in weight loss. 

You should take food that will provide you enough Vitamin D or you need to spend sometimes outside of the house to get this nutrient naturally from the sun. ‹³›

Resources : 

  • Low Vitamin D Linked to Weight Gain in Older Women by WebMD.com
  • Vitamin D For Weight Loss? by Dr. Weil

 4. You’re spending most of your time in front of your computer.

This always happens to the bloggers, website writers, internet analysts and someone who works in front of the computer 24/7. Your body is not active or moving enough. 

So when the calorie burning switch is turned off due to lack of body movement, you are not able to lose weight easily because weight loss required your body to move actively. 

If you don’t take a short walk every 2 hours from your daily work, your body will be the obstacle for you to achieve your weight loss target.

5. Your digestive system needs help.

You really in a big health issue if your gut and digestive system are not healthy. If you keep getting winds, bloated, or hard bowel movement, that is when your digestive system needs help. 

Overall, our gut will tell you about your health condition. Please consult your doctor to improve your digestive system and maybe you need to start adding more probiotic food to your meal.

6. You’re eating too much.

You need to learn about food proportion and calorie intake to achieve your ideal weight. Eating too much will end up your body storing more fat. Extra calories will be kept inside your body as fat if it remains unused.

If you are not sure what the correct food proportion is for you, please consult your nearest nutritionist. The best food choice to lose weight is high in protein, low in carb, low in fat, and low in sugar. 

You also need to stop bad eating habits such as late night snack and sugary drink between meals.

7. You’re on certain health issues and medication

Some health issues will hinder your effort to lose weight. You are not able to do heavy exercise if you are having a heart disease. You are also not able to lose weight according to plan if you are suffering from insomnia.

Health issues like those required you to get a proper medication. Some drugs especially for birth control, allergies, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia also deal a blow to your weight loss efforts. 

You need to discuss with your doctor so he can suggest you a better medication so you are able to take it and not having any problem to lose weight at the same time.

Those 7 reasons are the most common of why you are not losing any weight. Another specific situation will be discussed in the next topic.

Why Many Women Can’t Reach Their Weight Loss Goal?

It is no wonder that woman gets fat easier than the boys.  But, they can lose a lot of weight sooner or later with the right method. The major problem is, all of them want to get the fast result.

A lot of them are willing to spend a lot of money to buy supplements or hiring a personal trainer to reach their weight loss goal. 

But still, the desired weight is still to no avail.  Read more to avoid the wrong practices that hinder your effort to achieve your weight loss target.

1. Health Conditions

Women do have certain health conditions that obstruct them from getting their ideal body weight. Some of the health issues or disorders lead them to an extremely difficult journey of losing weight. Some of the diseases are included:

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS): This is a condition where the certain hormone encourages the fat accumulation around the abdomen and the waistline. 

Their body also developing insulin resistance and unstable blood sugar level. Their body will be getting fat easier if they have this kind of health issue. 

Hypothyroidism: Women with low levels of thyroid hormone will be experiencing low metabolism that will influence how fast they can cut the pounds. 

For women with Hypothyroidism issue, they need to work twice harder to burn more calories and fat because of their low metabolism is getting in their way.

Lipedema: Lipedema is a condition when a woman easily to accumulate fats around the hips and legs. You need to consult your doctor to get Lipedema treatment. 

Once your condition is cured, you are able to exercise normally and see the numbers on the weighing scale decreasing again.

Hypertension: A woman is easy to get stress. Burden from the office, the hectic house chores with kids, and body changing after giving birth are some of the reasons that make a woman having stress.

A hormone called Cortisol will be produced if the body is in a high emotional stress. This hormone will be causing the fat even more difficult to be removed.

2. Dieting and Weight Loss History

Have you ever heard about yo-yo diet? If you ever tried it before you might have difficulties to cut the pounds this time. It is challenging for you to lose weight this time because you have been lost and regained weight for many times in the past.

Maybe before you are an active athlete that gains weight and losing weight after dieting and exercising. And after that, you get lazy at one point and not actively exercise anymore. After eating all the carbs and gaining weight, you try to exercise again.

But, it is getting harder this time due to changes in fat storage inside your body after periods of calorie intake and deprivation. 

You need to try something new and maintain the new lifestyle so you can keep cutting the pounds and keep the weight gain at bay.

3. Poor Digestive System

Our digestive system is playing one of the major roles in weight loss plan for women. If the gut is not in a healthy condition, your effort to lose weight fast will be impossible. 

You need to maintain a healthy amount of good bacteria inside your gut. You need to eat more probiotic food to promote a healthier digestive system.

A poor digestive system will cause you a frequent stomachache and indigestion problem. You will look bloated in your waist and belly area. 

For a long-term, a poor digestive system leads to increased weight gain because of the changes in gut bacteria.

4. Age

Unfortunately, women’s metabolism gets slower as they aging. That’s why it is easy for a woman to gain weight when they’re reaching 30 or 40 years old. Furthermore, a woman who doesn’t maintain an active lifestyle will gain weight faster.

In your middle age, you can’t merely rely on healthy eating to lose some weight. Your body needs to stay active and you still have to go do some exercise, hiking, or walking on the beach to get sweat. 

Do not use your age as an excuse to stay at home. Do the right thing and maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep your ideal body weight.

5. Pregnancy

A pregnant woman can gain weight up to 40 pounds during pregnancy. Most of them experienced body changes and different health issues. Some of them are not able to move a lot because of their miscarriage history.

Health issues such as diabetes, edema condition, or craving problem are some of the weight gain factors among pregnant women. 

According to real experience, a pregnant woman experience taste buds changes and eat a lot of new foods that she has never tried before. Pregnancy is one of the enjoyable moments for the mothers to eat especially after the first trimester. (source)

6. You’re Genetically Large

To determine your body weight, you should look at how much effort you have put into your diet and exercise. 

But, to determine your body shape and basic size, it is all that you have in your genes. You are genetically inheriting the size of your body from your family.

If you are coming from a large body size family, your chance to get slim is there but you need to work twice harder than a person who is genetically slimmer. 

Although your diet and exercise habits play a role in determining your weight, your basic shape and size are largely determined by your genes. 

The tendency of your body to store the fat is strongly influenced by your genetic pattern if you are coming from a plus size family. (source)

Chubby Girls Are More Attractive Back Then

If you know the ideal body for girls throughout history, skinny girls were not the best look of that time. 100 years ago, the trend for ideal body size was plump or chubby. The skinny girls at that time were doing their best to gain some weight so they will be looking desirable and pretty.

Now, the trend is totally in the opposite. You need to be a skinny girl or at least having flat abs to look good. Most of us will be fine with our body and you understand that the weight loss will happen from time to time. 

But the negative feedback from the social media and people who talk about your body are something stressful to you. 

You need to remind yourself that you want your ideal body weight is not because to please anyone around you. You do it for your health and for your own body. 


Clearly, you need to have the knowledge and experienced people to guide you all the way. If you have any health issues that obstruct you from losing weight, do not wait any longer to consult your doctor. 

Women during pregnancy will be gaining weight for sure. Keeping a healthy lifestyle will speed up your weight loss result. Do not let yourself down by lacking of important knowledge to lose a lot of weight.

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