20 Simple Weight Loss Daily Routine You Must Try

Do you want to lose weight today? What do you need to do other than eating healthy to lose a lot of weight? Sometimes, weight gain isn’t from what you eat alone. It probably caused by your weight loss daily routine.

By making a little change, you can speed up your weight loss achievement. Here are the easy routines for you to try and it will change your life for a better body weight.

Weight Loss Daily Routine You Must Try:

1. Drink Water In The Morning

Weight loss - Drink Water In The MorningIt is important to keep your body dehydrated while trying to lose some weight. Every time you wake up in the morning, make a habit to drink a glass of plain water or lemon water. 

Start your day with hydrating your body to get your metabolism going. This practice will speed up your body metabolism to burn more calories and fat. At the same time, your body is avoided from dehydration and muscle cramp.

2. Protein-Loaded Breakfast

Your body needs protein to burn more fats and to get a lot of energy. If you want to go to college or you want to go to work, please do not skip your breakfast. Get your protein-loaded breakfast every morning to start your metabolism’s engine and burn the calories all day. Try oat, eggs, or chia seeds for your breakfast. You will feel so satiated all day.

3. Exercise Accordingly

Cardio Exercise: Weight Loss Daily Routine Sometimes it’s not about you’re not being active to get rid the pounds but you are doing the wrong exercise.

You need to do more cardio exercise or plank to reduce the weight of your body and your targeted belly. Try playing badminton, tennis, basketball, football, or running around the park. Do it at least for 20 minutes a day. Your body will transform tremendously.   

4. Aim For 10,000 Steps Daily

This is a very good change in life for you to start. You want to get to your destination or work real quick but using a lift or transportation is a waste for you. You need to move a lot and please aim for 10,000 steps daily to make sure your body’s activeness. 

Please use stairs frequently to get to your office and avoid the lift. One more suggestion is to park a little park from your office’s building so you can walk more to your office. By staying active, you can achieve your weight loss target even easier.

5. Avoid Late Night Calories

This habit must stop now. If you’re working so late and you’re craving, do not open your fridge and take out a cheesecake. You’re adding a lot of calories to your body at night, which is a big weight loss mistake. 

Nobody can stop you from eating, but you need to be responsible for your body of what you going to eat. For a late-night munching, you can try a cup of plain yogurt or fruit such as apple, sweet corn, and grapes. 

6. Avoid Much Sugar And Alcohol Drinks

Alcohol Drinks - Weight Loss Daily RoutineIf you’re worried about your waistline this is the first step you need to do. Skip all sugar and alcohol drinks. 

If you have it in your home, please get rid of it for good. Sugary drinks and alcohol are disrupting your sleeping routine. 

You need your good night sleep to burn more calories and to recharge your body. Ditch the sugar-loaded drinks now for a better sleep and enjoy the scale go down.

7. Write Down A Self Reminder

Everyone have a fridge in their house and it is a heavenly view to see it filled with a lot of foods. Here is the thing, write down a reminder for yourself to stick with the low-carb, high protein, and low in sugar diet

On a piece of paper, write down the drinks and food that cause you unnecessary fat intake and put the notice in front of the fridge door. It will remind you to stay away from such food every day.

8. Write Down What You Eat

Sometimes, your body isn’t delivering the result that you hoped for even you’re following the weight loss guide. You have to know that our body is genetically unique and it shows different a response to certain food.

During your weight loss effort, keeping a food diary is a benefit for you. You can write down the activity and the food that you eat but the scale is not going down.

It will help you to remember the wrong combination and you can avoid it from repeating next time. (Source)

9. Get Your Weight Loss Buddy

Get Your Weight Loss BuddyEverything is fun when you do it together. Weight Loss buddy can be your own sister, your best friend at school, your colleague even your online friends.

You can talk about what you’re going to eat, share new weight loss tips, and let each other know the current number on the scale. This is your support system to encourage you to achieve your weight loss goal faster.

10. Trust Yourself More

You need to be mentally prepared because, during your weight loss effort, the result will not always be the one that you wished for.

So, you have to keep on saying to yourself that you can be better and you can do this. You need to trust that you can achieve your goal at the first place.

This is an effective way to motivate yourself in this ups and down journey. Anything can be possible when you believe. Even you have the best professional trainer but you don’t trust yourself to lose weight, you’re wasting your time.

11. Have A Bottle Of Water

hydrated - Weight Loss Daily RoutineAt breakfast, eat the high protein meal and milk. It will make you satiated until your lunch time. Between the meal time, people tend to get soft drinks or sugary smoothies.

That is not a good choice because it contains a lot of carb, sugar, and calories. The better choices to quench your thirst between meals are plain water, lemon water, green tea, or fruit juice and smoothies with no added sugar.

Therefore, keeping a bottle of water with you is a great method to keep yourself hydrated between meals and avoid those sugary drinks.

12. Plan Your Daily Walk

The exciting part about walking is you can do it anywhere. Walking is one of the cardio exercises that anyone can enjoy effortlessly. 

The big mistake is you keep walking at the same park every day. This got to change or you will get bored and give up walking again.

Plan your daily walk Weight Loss Daily Routine at different locations. You also can do it the largest shopping mall where you can walk and window shopping for hours.

Go to different parks and enjoy different sceneries will give you a very nice experience in losing weight.

13. Do Not Limit Yourself

You want to burn more calories but you don’t want to do the same exercise over and over again. Another calorie burner activity that you can do is house chores.

Cleaning your own house is a best way to burn more calories up to 4 calories a minute. What can you clean in your house?

This is the list: the floor, the door, the kitchen, the bedroom, the glass windows, the garage, your own lawn, and your garage.

Once or twice a week please spend a few hours to clean your house by yourself and as your reward, you’re burning up to 480 calories without even realizing it.

14. Do Not Eat When You Don’t Need It

We eat to get nutrients, healthy body, and energy. Some of us eating when they get frustrated, stress, and nervous. Please channel your emotion to another healthy and effective way instead of being a nervous eater or eat out of boredom.

That is so wrong and your body will get the extra unwanted fat that will disappoint you in the end. Some of us also giving our loved ones chocolates, cakes, and high carb food for birthdays or anniversaries. It’s cute but the food choice should be something harmless to your partner’s bodyweight as well.

15. Sniffing Apple or Peppermint

Sniffing fruit or certain scent will keep your hunger feeling at bay. It is also the way for you to relax and not to think about food so much during your weight loss program.

This is a great trick for you to feel less hungry and working like usual every day. You feel less hungry because while you are sniffing it, your brain is stimulated and you think you’re already eaten.

Bring along a lemon, apple, or peppermint at work for you to sniff. You will be so pleased with the number on the weighing scale every day later.

16. Avoid Too Much Orange, Yellow, and Red

Have you ever thought why the fast food restaurants always choose orange, yellow, and red as their official color? Studies find that these colors are encouraging you to feel hungry and eat more.

These colors trigger the excitement inside you to eat and you’re eating more without knowing it while you’re in the fast food restaurant.

So what is the color solution here? Blue is the color for appetite suppressant. After avoiding fast food restaurants, you can choose blue as the color for your kitchen wall, tablecloth, or the theme color for your dining areas decoration.

17. Chew Your Food

Eating without chewing the food properly is not a good habit at all. You will end up eating more and put on extra weight. Our body will take 20 minutes to detect repletion.

If you chew your food properly, you will stop eating when you’re full without extra food intake. You also can eat in front of the mirror. You can watch yourself eating and see it for yourself if you are eating slowly or too fast.

It reminds you to eat well and you are currently trying to lose weight. So chew your food and stay in shape.

18. 5 Minutes Walk

This is important to the one who works in front of the computer all the time. Sitting on the chair for 8 hours straight is a sign that you are not actively moving at all. If you have a lot of works and going to be stuck at your desk all day, this is what you should do to stay active

Please have 5 minutes walk every two hours. This is a way for you to avoid back pain and at the same time, you need to move to make sure the blood circulation doing fine.

Combining all 5 minutes together you will walk for 20 minutes at work to support your weight loss routine need. After your office hour, you can continue your exercise at the gym or walk more at your favorite recreational park.

19. Wear Something Fit

For your daily wear at home and to motivate yourself, try to use something fit. Choose a bright color and something that fit your body to see how far your body transformation going.

You can take before and after picture to compare your body transition every week. It is such a rewarding feeling when you can see your body improvement than looking at the number only.

You can give away the old clothes of yours and start buying new clothes for a brand new you. So work harder to lose weight and feel great again.

20. No Bonus Party With Fatty Food

Some girls usually throwing a bonus party after losing their first 4pounds. It is not wrong for you to celebrate your achievements; the problem is you are providing yourself with the wrong food because you are too happy. 

Avoid fried food or high calorie food when you throwing a party like this. Or, you can have it if you can stick with a small bite or two.

Instead of celebrating it with food, how about you celebrate it with shopping a new clothe or a new pair of shoes? You will be so happy looking at the present and reminds you that every hardship comes with happiness in the end.

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