How To Make Your Safe Fried Food: A Healthy Fried Food Alternative For Weight loss program

We want to lose a lot of weight starting from now but we can’t sacrifice our favorite fried food just yet. This is your weight loss secret to enjoy fried food. You still can enjoy fried food while on a diet

You might think fried food is bad for you. But here is the thing. We only want the flavor and fried texture of the food. 

There is a technique for us to cook fried food without making it becomes bad to our health. Fried food and the right cooking technique still can have the right place in our healthy kitchen.

The Fried Food That Let You Gain Weight Faster

Before blaming to fried food, you need to identify certain foods that let you gain weight faster than other. 

One of the biggest weight gain contributors in the US is comes from the humble potato. How can this happen?

Potato is one of the most consumed food in the US. The calories of potato chips are high even you only take about 100grams of it. 

High-calories food such as potato chips should be avoided because it’s bad if you want to consume it daily. 

Other high-calories foods that you should avoid aside from the potato chips are sugar-sweetened beverages, processed food, processed meats, and deep fried food.

To make it worse, your unhelpful habit such as eating while watching TV, sleeping less than 6 hours, alcoholic, and stress-eater will cause you to gain weight faster than anyone. (source)

Why Fried Food Is Dangerous To Body Weight

The fact that it is high in fat, calories, and salt, fried food is the best source for weight gain. A lot of serious health problem is linked to drastic weight gains such as heart problem and type2 diabetes. 

Why Fried Food Is Dangerous To Body WeightFried food increases the risk for you to get obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol level because your body received a lot of fats and calories more than the amount that you need in a day.

The process of frying is able to alter the caloric content of food. So a big issue of fried food in the restaurants is the frying oil. 

Fast-food restaurants are often to use hydrogenated oils to cook their fried food. Hydrogenated oil is high in Trans fats. It becomes very unhealthy when the Hydrogenated oil is reused.

The reused hydrogenated oil will cause your food very greasy.  Restaurants often reused their cooking oil. According to the restaurant, cooking with the reused oil will make the food extra crunchy. 

But according to science, oils break down each time you frying and then the oil’s composition will be changed. When the composition changed it can forms a lot of trans fats. 

You can blame trans fat for raising bad cholesterol (LDL) level in your body. While this is how hydrogenated oil becomes bad to your health by raising your risk of having heart disease or rapid weight gain.

If you are planning to go dining out tonight at a fast food restaurant, do think twice because we want to avoid trans fat especially if you are on a weight loss program.

You are not banned from eating fried food and you are just banned from eating fried food that cooked in unhealthy way and using the reused hydrogenated oil. 

Make Your Safe Fried Food in 5 Easy Ways

Make Your Safe Fried Food in 5 Easy Ways

1. Cook Your Own Meal

The benefit of cooking your own meal at home is endless. You can decide which recipe for you to cook daily and then you can monitor the quality of your ingredients. 

If you are cooking for the first time, it will be a hard going because you need to change a lot of habits. But, once you know how to cook it right, you can have your own safe and healthy fried food right from your own kitchen. 

You can have fried food in a healthier way because you can monitor the ingredients and oil that you use. Your food must be less in fat, no reuse oil, and the ingredients are fresh.

2. Monitor The Temperature

You need to fry your food at the right temperature. The temperature should be just right because you don’t want the oil to be absorbed in your food. 

If the oil is too hot it will form a lot of trans-fat and increase the calorie value of the food. You can feel the difference between the cold oil and the oil which too hot for frying. 

Or, you can invest a cooking thermometer to help you to get the right heat before cooking.

3. Use The Right Oil

best cooking oilEvery oil has its own smoke point. There are oils that good for frying and vice versa Because unstable oil at a high heat will break down and release bad compound into your food. 

The best cooking oil is the one that stable at high heat. Olive oil is a great oil for salad dressing and also frying. 

Other best oil for frying is coconut oil which is very easy to make at home. Watch the tutorial here.

4. Never Reuse

To make your fried food healthy, you should never reuse your previous frying oil. Reuse oil release trans-fat that harm your body. Its biggest concern is trans-fat can easily clog the artery

You should never reuse your frying oil and use only fresh oil each time you want to fry your food. Oil is not expensive if you know how to make it by yourself such as the easy coconut oil. 

Some home cooks using their frying oil 2 times before discard. But for the sake of your health, please use fresh oil each time frying.

5. Fry only something healthy

This is the best tip of all. Instead of frying potatoes and other high carb food, try to fry something healthy instead. Vegetables, onions, lotus root, and cauliflower can be fried. It tastes very nice too. 

You won’t be missing your regular potato chips and French fries after you tried many healthy fried side dish. 

What makes your fry food become unhealthy is the reuse-oil or the fatty oil such as lard, butter, and other animal fat.It’s time to have a tasty tempura veggie at home and stay healthy.

Fried Food Flavoring And Ingredients

Fried food is usually salty. To make it even healthier, please use the safe seasoning and flavoring. Spices and herbs are the great combination for fried food. 

It gives significant flavor and your fried food will never need any help from the artificial flavoring.

You can add extra crunchiness by adding some coarse ground peanut, roasted almond or cashew in your fried food. 

You can add salt and pepper for seasoning. But to add extra flavor to your fried dish, you can add turmeric or chili powder.

You can drizzle your fried food with chili oil or garlic oil to add spiciness. One more way to add flavor to your fried food is by blending garam masala or curry powder in your tempura batter. You will found how unique and delicious the taste will be.

Healthy Fried Food Alternative To Try At Home

If you firmly believed in healthy food, it is easy for you to learn all healthy cooking technique to serve food for yourself and family. 

Instead of frying, there are some cooking techniques that taste will be as amazing as fried food. This is the next weight loss secret. 

For the fried food lover, here are 5 best cooking techniques that you need to learn to let yourself have a variety of tasty food while dieting.

1. Sautéeing and Stir-Frying

Sautéeing and Stir-Frying FoodSautéeing is the best way to cook your vegetables. This technique is quick and it alleviates the vegetable’s flavor. 

Cooking vegetables in this way will keep the nutrients inside because it doesn’t expose to heat very long. 

Other than vegetables, you can use this technique for cooking tofu, chicken, mushrooms, and peppers.

2. Steaming

Steaming to cook is a very easy method. You can steam anything from vegetables to fish and chicken. Steaming method will make the food even tender, full of flavor and nutrients too. 

People always complain that steaming food will give a bland taste. That is absolutely wrong. 

Before steaming, you can marinate your vegetables, fish or chicken. That is how you can add more flavor to your food in whatever cooking method you are trying.

3. Grilling

Everyone loves to grill. Grill food has a specific smoky flavor that people love. To prepare the food is easy before you leave it on the grill. 

Your food should be marinated to give the specific taste. One thing that people will talk after that is about how to clean the grill later. 

To avoid the food from sticking to the grill, you can drizzle some olive oil evenly all over the grill before cooking. 

That is a smart tip to avoid difficulties of cleaning the grill later. Grilling can be enjoyed indoor or outdoor. 

You can get a lot of grill recipe or you can inspire yourself to create healthy vegetable and protein grill food.

4. Roasting and Baking

Roasting and BakingRoasting and baking are the healthy method of cooking because it involves the heating process in the oven without using a lot of oil. 

The mothers love it because after putting the food in the oven, they can leave it and do something else. 

Best foods for roasting are such as fish, chicken, red meat, and potato.

You can marinate your vegetables, chicken, meat, and fish before roasting it in the oven. The same thing goes to baking. You need to prepare your cake batter or the food that you want to bake first. 

Roasting and backing are the easiest way to cook so far and it benefits people who always on the go. Roasting and baking leaving a crunchy texture outside. A good reason why you doesn’t need to fry to get that kind of texture in your food.

5. Braising and Stewing

Braising and stewing is a perfect cooking method for cooking with flavorful liquid as the result. Braising and stewing can be done over low heat. You can cook your chicken, vegetables, beef, mutton, lamb, and seafood.

These methods will give you a tasty soup when the cooking is completed. Braising and stewing involve cooking ingredients slowly in flavorful liquid. 

This method will need about 15 minutes to complete. It is done over low heat and can take from 15 minutes to up to several hours. 

Try some braising and stewing recipes at home. You will be surprise how flavorful your dish will taste by using a few ingredients only. 


Fried food is the most popular food in the world because it is available anywhere. New stall, restaurants, and food truck will be serving a variety of fried foods in their premise. 

We can’t control the food safety when we are dining out. But we can ensure our food quality in our own home. Try to cook some dish by yourself by following the recipes via online or cooking magazine. 

You will discover how endless your cooking option will be. Cooking at home will bring you a lot of benefits because you can decide anything from the type of oil, ingredients, and recipes that you are going to make. 

Healthy food is not only avoiding fried food because the most important thing is you know the ingredients quality that you’re using in your cooking. We are looking for flavors in our food. 

We can’t accept something tasteless, undercook, or overcook. In frying, weight loss secrets to enjoy fried food is by using the healthy ingredients and never re-use the cooking oil. 

You can eat fried food once in a while. There are some different cooking methods that you can try to have different taste of your food. Fried food is dry to taste. Try some dishes with gravy or soup sometimes and feel how healthy it is.

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