Celebrity Natural Weight Loss Tips For You

Most of our trainer suggesting the natural weight loss solution because it is safe and healthy. Celebrity is not exempted from having weight gain problem. 

Their body weight struggle is recorded on TV and that somehow pressuring them to lose a lot of weight as fast as they can. Most of them depended on the professional personal trainer to cut the pounds. 

Some of them want to do it in an extreme way but others successfully figured out the healthy lifestyle to balance their job and exercise

Here, we’ve rounded up some of the top celebrity natural weight loss tips that you can adopt in your routine. 

1. Do Not Rush

Khloe Kadarshian is determined to lose her weight but she did it in step by step. Therefore she did work out regularly and spend a year to lose 30 pounds. 

She wants to lose weight but not by scarifying her favorite food dramatically. This is only for the one who wants to lose weight in slow and steady. 

The progress might be slower but you still can see the natural weight loss transition and be healthy at the same time.

2. Busy And Working Out

Just figure the most creative way for you to exercise. Jenna Dewan Tatum gets her pre-baby by doing her work out and rocking her daughter at the same time. 

So she loses most of the weight by doing house chores, lunges, and calf raises. She will repeat the routine every 45minutes.

3. Active Movement Plus Workout

A simple walk will do. Jessica Simpson can teach you how to drop the weight faster. Aside from exercise for 45 minutes a day and she took about 10,000 steps a day to stay active. 

Combining those two activities will be your best way to lose fat faster without using a lot of budget.

4. Cheat To Motivate

When you are on a strict diet, you need to motivate yourself, even more, to make it works. Kim Kardashian shared her natural weight loss diet. 

Atkins diet is a healthy menu that helps her to reduce a lot of weight. But, once a week, she allowed herself to cheat. While she will eat whatever she craves for. 

For just one time in a week, she will have a meal of her favorite food that not so Atkins. This tactic helps her to eat what she likes and continue her weight loss routine. 

5. Relax The Body And Mind

Christina Aguilera emphasizes stress-free condition of mental and physical to lose some weight. 

So, it is important for her to manage her stress before she can see the number decreasing on the weighing scale. 

This method is effective to her because stress can lower her cortisol hormone to make the fat even easier to be burned and eliminated

6. Exercise And Spending Time

Exercise And Spending TimeThe Sabrina The Teenage With superstar, Melissa Joan Hart has lost a lot of body weight by spending time with her friends and family. 

She lost about 70 pounds of weight by walking with her friends and running with her husband and she did it every day as her daily exercise. 

Her method is effective because she wants to spend time with her friends and family.

Bring them out walking and running with her together make her even committed to doing her daily exercise routine.

Therefore, working out with friends and family is fun than working out alone according to her opinion.

7. Do It Only For Yourself

How Jennifer Hudson able to go from a size 16 to amazingly size 6? She decided to lose her body weight just for her own sake. 

Jennifer wants to look good for herself and she wants to have a healthy body. While she said, “You have to do it just for you,” Jennifer really determined to lose her unnecessary weight or she will regret it forever. She is motivated to do it and no one can stop her.

Salad For Every Meal Natural Weight Loss

Salad For Every MealThere are a lot of healthy salad recipe that you can try at home. 

Nicole Polizzi or Snooki losing a lot of body weight by regularly having salad in her every meal. 

She practiced a low-calorie diet and every time she serves the meal for her family, salad is must have.

Record Whatever You Consume

This method is used by Carrie Underwood. She keeps a journal to list down everything she eats and it makes her pay attention to what she eating. 

She looks at the food journal and realized she already ate so much, so it becomes her reminder to make a better choice before eating. 

This method is not only able to let you lose weight but you also can avoid weight gain after achieving your weight loss goal.

Replacing The Main Course With An Appetizer

In the restaurant, instead of ordering a main course, you can change it with 2 appetizers. Because the restaurant usually serving a large amount of food to their customers. 

Jennifer Lawrence is the one who did this to lose her body weight and she wants to eat something in a smaller proportion and still feel satiated. 

Sometimes, after all that exercise, your sweet tooth is raging. This is one of the solutions. Just dress well, go to your favorite restaurant and get appetizers for your lunch or dinner.

Plan Ahead To Curb Hunger

Most of the celebrities are always on the go and the disadvantage of a busy lifestyle is you don’t have time to cook for yourself. 

Candace Cameron Bure planning her meal and snack to keep her gets the energy she needs and travels by plane a lot. 

Cameron Bure will make sure to eat before taking her plane to avoid settling on airplane food. She packs some snacks and protein bars to fuel her up for daily workout. 

By eating before her busy schedule and workout, she is able to keep her best shape and this method also allowed her to lose a lot of weight.

The Top ‘B’ Workout

Our Princess of Pop, Miss Britney Spears only stick to the “Four Bs” for her exercise routine. Since her trainer Tony Martinez wants her to do the Basketball jump shots, Balancing on one leg, Backwards walking, and ride the bicycle. 

That “Four Bs” are her must do exercise routine with her trainer. As a “side” exercise, she will do some push-ups, squats, core work, and bar curls. Sounds like a lot of works but that is what it takes to keep her body fit for her busy schedule.

Leave The Bad Food For A Good Body

A good food is a food that you cook in your own kitchen with the fresh ingredients and healthy cooking technique. 

Blake Lively had to shape up quickly for her role in Nancy in The Shallows few months after she gave birth to her baby daughter. 

She stuck with the healthy diet and she cooked all of her meals by herself. Her favorite foods for diets are such as avocado, sweet potatoes, and coconut oil for healthy fats. 

It’s time for her to get strict of her diet and choose the type of food wisely in order to promote fast weight loss. 

She keeps everything under permitted calorie intake, the food must be fresh not canned, and she always cook her fresh meals at home.

Your Goal Is Wellness and Natural Weight Loss Came Along

Lena Dunham wishes to be healthy. She changes her eating habit and lives a healthy lifestyle. Because there is a health issue that she’s struggling with. 

She can’t eat anything if her stress strikes. To get her body fit and healthy, she is working out with a personal trainer, Tracy Anderson. 

She does yoga to calm her mind and control her stress and she tried to eat for energy intake and her healthy lifestyle is only to give her a better wellness. 

After living a healthy daily life, her body weight is decreasing to her ideal weight. So a great reward for taking a good care of the body like a temple.

High Protein Food Is A Must

High Protein Food Is A MustThis is another great natural weight loss solution for you. To keep your body full of energy and satiated, Kim Kadarshian came up with another diet meal. 

She eats high protein food and includes protein in her every meal and used protein as her trick to stop craving. It is easier for you to starve because you don’t have enough protein in your meal. 

Her best choices for protein are lean chicken breast, fish, and eggs. So she never feels hungry until the next 5 hours and she feels full of energy by eating enough protein.

That means, she can do more work out and lose more fats because she has enough energy to keep her going.

Eating On Time

Another healthy weight loss tips from Jennifer Hudson is to eat on time. She avoids eating very early in the morning and late night snacks

That habit only gives her unnecessary calories. By cutting snacks and only eat at the right time, Jennifer Hudson is able to reduce her weight faster. 

It takes a lot of discipline to maintain yourself eating only at the right time. So you should get used to it and then the result will be very rewarding. 

This is a very simple reminder to help you limit your body from unnecessary 

Hire Your Helpers

Christy Tegan can’t do it alone so she hired a few helpers to get her in shape and it is not a cheap way but that is the help that she needs. 

She hired a nutritionist, personal trainers, and a dietitian. Because all of these helpers will guide her through the natural weight loss process. 

They provide her a schedule that she needs to follow every day and it is effective for her. She gets her pre-baby body in just a few weeks.

The Easiest Workout To Have A Body Like Your Celebrity

Not all of us has the fortune to hire a trainer or to get to the gym every day and we have a unique life that will differentiate our needs or ability to do something. 

It is important for you to find your best way to exercise that suit your daily life. Hence pick one or two easiest workouts to keep you in the best shape below.

  1. Walking – The faster you walk, you will burn from 500 to 750 calories a day. Within a week with a continuous walking routine, you will manage to burn up to 3500 calories.
  2. Running – This is one of the most efficient ways to burn calories. It stimulates more calories burning after you done running. Running every evening will help you to lose weight faster.
  3. Basket Ball – To lose 1 pound of fat, you need to burn about 3500 calories. Since this game involves a lot of running, jumping, and quick-attack movements, you can burn your calories easily. After playing basketball about an hour, you can burn up to 600 calories.
  4. Swimming – Swimming is definitely burning your calories because this sport involves all the muscles to work. A lot of public pools now offer aqua-aerobic exercise. This is a type of aerobic while swimming. It tones your body and drops a lot of weight.
  5. Push-ups – Push-ups are an exercise that helps you to build stamina in many major muscle groups. It contributes in natural weight loss but do not rely on it only. You should combine it to other exercise routine that you know.


There is no short cut in natural weight loss even for the celebrities. They need to stay in shape by regular exercise and maintaining a healthy diet. 

A personal trainer is someone who can guide you in your weight loss journey. They will explain your weight loss progress and suggest the next step that you should take to maximize your chance of losing the pounds. 

Walking and running are not bad to help you burn all that extra calories. You can it anytime you want because it is very easy to do without using any exercise equipment.  

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