7 Most Effective Essential Oils For Weight Loss – Benefits And How to DIY At Home

Essential oils are been used for relaxing spa massage and calming air diffuser for your home. Do you know it has properties that useful Essential Oils for weight loss? Spa and yoga are two favorite getaways for the busy women in this era.

Women always struggling with the hectic day job and plenty of house chores at night. While having a nice body massage is one of the necessities in their life to let go all of the stress at least once a month.

When you are doing your yoga and switch on the air diffuser, so you can double the benefit by using essential oil to give you a calming scent and increase weight loss potential.

Essential oil also can be added to your favorite massage oil to give you the same weight loss benefit

Read on to know more about how essential oils help to lose more weight in a natural way during your favorite spa massage and yoga.

Types of Essential Oils For Weight Loss

Essential oils for weight loss
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1. Grapefruit Essential Oils for Weight loss

Grapefruit essential oil has always been used for skin care such as anti-aging serums, cellulite removal cream, and face mist. The oil is extracted from grapefruit peel. 

It contains a high antioxidant to treat premature aging and reduce wrinkles.

Therefore, in weight loss programs, grapefruit essential oil contains nootkatone and D-limonene. (1)

Because these are the compounds in the grapefruit oil that has the potential to increase your low metabolism. (2)

Grapefruit essential oil is a scent that gives rejuvenating effect on the mind. A stress-free mind promised a high possibility to reduce weight.

Because it avoids cortisol from producing and cortisol is a hormone that develops the fat cell and makes it harder to be removed. 

By using grapefruit essential oil, you can increase your metabolism to speed up fat break down and to bring happy mood in order to keep cortisol at bay. 

You can mixed grapefruit essential oil with patchouli for one more important weight loss trick. 

The combination of these two oils will help you to curb hunger and solve craving problems. It is a natural way for you to lose a lot of weight and reduce your appetite or craving.

Resources: Benefit of Grapefruit Essential Oil By DrAxe.com

2. Cinnamon Essential Oils for Weight loss

Adding cinnamon essential oil in your food or spa massage oil can help you to reduce a lot of weight. 

Cinnamon essential oil helps to control insulin release and it can lower the level of blood sugar in your body. (3)

This is a way to stop your body from craving sugary food. By avoiding extra sugar intake, you can reduce the risk of fat cell development.

It is a great remedy for you to stop eating too much sugary food such as ice cream, cookies, cakes, and sweets. 

Sugar contains a lot of calories and if you don’t burn these calories, it can be stored in your body as fat. 

Keep a cinnamon oil in handy to cure your sugar craving and continue your effort to achieve your weight loss target.

Resources: Benefits Of Cinnamon Essential Oil by DrEricz.com

Chinese Cinnamon is a spicy-scented oil that comes from an evergreen tree native to China  Chinese Cinnamon is a spicy-scented oil that comes from an evergreen tree native to China.

3. Ginger Oil Uses and Benefits

Ginger Essential OilYou need to try ginger oil because it has the weight loss benefit. Ginger oil is one of the best oils to help reduce a lot of weight successfully. (4)

People gain a lot of weight because of food craving. Ginger oil helps to reduce appetite and sugar craving at the same time.

Ginger is a great root herb because it is a natural remedy for many health issues including weight gain. (5)

There is a compound in ginger called gingerol that scientifically proven to improve the normal level of blood sugar. (6

Gingerol also increasing the production of leptin. Leptin is a compound inside the human body that plays an important role to promote a good sleep. (7)

Your body needs to recharge and it is important to have enough sleep daily. Someone who sleeps less than 6 hours will not lose weight faster like someone who has 8 hours of sleep. 

Aside from promoting a good night sleep, ginger oil also supports a healthy digestion system and help your body to absorb a lot of nutrients. Ginger oil has a wide usage of health and beauty. 

You can use it to stop free radical damages of the skin. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties for a healthy skin and body. 


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4. Lemon Essential Oils for Weight loss

Lemon Essential OilThere are a lot of health benefits from lemon essential oil. 

It can cure asthma, skin infections, stomachache, fatigue, and obesity. (8)

Lemon essential oil is not only can be used for your skin beauty. 

To a person who on a weight loss program, you can add a few drops of lemon essential oil in your beverage or drinking water to reduce food craving and avoid overeating.

Lemon essential oil is extracted from the lemon peel. You can make your own lemon essential oil at home so you will never run out of stock. 

This oil contains limonene which is a stimulator compound. It can boost your mood and stimulate norepinephrine in your brain. 

Norepinephrine helps you to avoid stress and stay positive in a challenging situation. It is important for you to stay positive so you can keep focus to your weight loss program till the end.


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5. Peppermint Essential Oils for Weight loss

Peppermint Essential OilPeppermint oil is good for health because it has a lot of health benefits including weight loss. It is well-known to suppress appetite and improve the digestive system. 

By sniffing peppermint oil, you can reduce your hunger and then you will eat less than usual. You suffer from bloating and indigestion, rubbing peppermint on your tummy can help to solve the problem. (9)

If you can’t focus on your workout, peppermint essential oil can help you to relax your mind. If you sniff peppermint oil every morning, it will help you to stay focus and concentrate on your morning exercise routine. (10)


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6. Bergamot Essential Oils for weight loss

Bergamot essential oil is a mood booster. Anyone who feels unmotivated in the middle of their weight loss effort should bring Bergamot essential oil in their pocket. Every time you feel defeated about your heavy workout, this citrusy scent will lift up your mood. (¹¹)

Workout is not easy to do if you don’t have a strong determination and motivation. You will end up eating more because you have no faith in yourself to continue the workout. 

This oil will help you to achieve your weight loss goal by avoiding you from emotional stress and skipping workout. You will stay motivated and focus to achieve your goal.


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7. Fennel Essential Oils for Weight loss

Fennel essential oil is one of the most versatile essential oil with health and weight loss benefits. The licorice scent is relaxing to promote a quality sleep. 

It also the natural remedy to improve digestive health. In order to lose weight, enough sleeps and a good digestive system is crucial.

This great oil also helps you to reduce appetite for the one who has extreme craving problem. In order to reduce a lot of weight, the right food proportion is important. Fennel essential oil will help you from overeating so you can achieve your weight loss goal. 


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Do Your Own Essential Oils Oil At Home

A lot of customers need to know where to buy the most organic option for essential oil but in the most budget-friendly they could get. 

Unfortunately, organic essential oil is so expensive and the cheaper oil is not containing 100% pure essential oil. 

So, what are the alternatives? You can make your own essential oil at home to have the endless supply.

How To Choose The Ingredients

Please look for the fresh ingredients for the best quality of your essential oil. You can get the ingredients from the fresh market and your trusted grocery store. Choose organic ingredients to avoid the chemical hazard. 

But if you can’t find organic lemon or grapefruit, you can buy the regular stock from your selected grocery store and wash it well before making your essential oil.            


Just like preparing your meal, you need to keep everything as hygiene as possible. The jars need to be washed, your preparation table should be clean, even the spoon, knife, and plate need to be dry and clean. 

Keep everything clean and spotless to ensure that your essential is not contaminated later. And then, do not forget to wash your hands before starting to make the essential oil.

Carrier Oil

Carrier oil is the base oil for the mixture. List of carrier oil that you can use is:

  1. Olive oil
  2. Avocado Oil
  3. Sweet Almond Oil
  4. Virgin Coconut Oil
  5. Apricot Kernel Oil
  6. Grapeseed Oil

How To Make Ginger Oil

List of ingredients: Fresh ginger, 1 ½ cups of olive oil


Use a clean and dry ginger. Shred it using a clean cheese grater. After that, you can mix this ingredient with olive oil in a bowl. 

You can let it simmer under low heat in the oven. After 2 hours of simmering, you can filter the oil and keep it in a clean jar. Store it in a cool and dry place. (source)

How To Make Cinnamon Oil

List of ingredient: Pure ground cinnamon, a cup of olive oil.


Combine ¼ cup of grounded cinnamon in a cup of Olive oil. This mixture needs to be simmered over medium heat within 3 minutes. You need to continuously stir the mixture during that heating process. 

Use a clean coffee filter to separate the oil from the grounded cinnamon. After filtering the oil, you can keep it in a clean container. Store it in a cool and dark place. This oil should be use within one month after opening. (source)

How To Make Lemon Oil

List of ingredients: Lemon peels, carrier oil of your choice


You will need lemon peels from 5 lemons and 2 cups of carrier oil. You can use sweet almond oil, olive oil, or grapeseed oil to be your oil base. Combine these two ingredients in a bowl. 

Without heat, you can leave this mixture in a few days before use. If you want to use heat, use a double boiler and set the heat at the lowest to let it simmer. It should be heated for 3 hours. 

After the heating process, you can strain the oil and let it cool. Put it in a glass jar or container. Store it in a cool and dark place. (source)

How To Apply Essential Oil To Lose Weight?

Body massage -essential oil
Head massage

You can apply the essential oil topically or by using an air diffuser.

Use the essential oil in your body massage oil or you can bring it in a small bottle to the office.

Rub it onto your temples or neck whenever you need. 

Air diffuser is easy to purchase via online or at the nearest mall.

You can use it in your air diffuser in the morning and night. 

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