Best Drink For Weight Loss: Tea, Coffee And Vitamin Water To Try At Home

What the best drink for weight loss? Here is our board explanation regarding drink concern.

Nutritionist and personal trainer best tip to lose weight are by stay hydrated. But, a lot of us will be whining because we are only allowed to drink plain water? 

Before all of us start freaking out, here is the fact. We can drink anything during our weight loss program as long as it is low in calories, low in sugar, and quench our thirst.

We know the canned drink is bad because it’s high in sugar. So, all we need now is the healthy option for our daily drinks. 

We need to bring it to work, at the gym, and we need to sip something while we are doing our work at home or watching our favorite movie. 

The drinks below is not only replacing the plain water but it will help you to promote a good health and speedy weight loss.

Tea: Drink for Weight loss

Teas are the most popular and common drinks in every country in this world. Consuming it at least 3 cups a day will help you to reduce weight and maintain a healthy body. 

It improves your metabolism rate to help you achieve your weight loss target faster. It is recommended to people age of 40 and 50 to avoid low metabolism. Read more about coffee and tea benefit drink for weight loss here.

1. Green Tea

Green Tea for weight lossThis drink for weight loss  is high in antioxidants that good for your skin and your internal organs. 

Japanese people love to drink a cup of green tea before and after meal because it can boost their metabolism to use all of the energy from the food that they just consumed. That is their drink for weight loss secret. 

Green tea contains a compound called catechins which is a natural compound in green tea that able to trigger fat cells break down (lipolysis) and easy to be removed from our system. (1,2)

It blasts adipose tissue and releases the fat from fat cells mostly at the waist area. Drinking this after exercise daily will help you to boost your metabolism and burning the fat even more. (3,4)

In less than one week, you can see few pounds already dropping from the weighing scale.


2. Chrysanthemum Tea

This tea is so fragrant. It gives you a relax feeling by drinking it each time when you wake up. It contains with Vitamin A for good eyesight and a great looking skin.

Chrysanthemum tea is available in the grocery store in a can. That is not a good option because it contains a lot of sugar. 

You can buy organic chrysanthemum tea and brew it yourself at home. Without sugar, the flowery taste and fragrant is the one that will be satisfying you. 

Benefits of Chrysanthemum Tea:

  • Helps ease heaviness in the head during cold and provide relief in sinusitis discomfort.
  • Helps in lowering the temperature of the body when suffering from fever or even heat stroke.
  • The detoxification of the liver and for lowering cholesterol levels.
  • Useful in the treatment of coronary artery disease, varicose veins and blocked arteries.
  • Helps in alerting the senses and rejuvenating the brain.
    providing relief in respiratory problems such as shortness of breath.

A relaxed mind is important for weight loss because it helps you to stay focus on your work and daily routine. 

It also cleanses the liver for a better overall health. So you will be concentrated on your exercise and the result is fast weight loss.

3. Oolong Tea

This is another metabolism booster drink. It is perfect to quench thirst and ideal for weight loss drink. You can enjoy it hot or cold. Just like green tea, it packed with fat breaker compound, catechins.

Oolong tea contains caffeine which works by stimulating the central nervous system (CNS), heart, and muscles and it also contains theophylline and theobromine, which are chemicals similar to caffeine.

You can lose a pound a week by drinking Oolong tea regularly after meal. It helps you to metabolize the fat and calories real quick. This is one of the most popular tea in China because it is healthy and promotes fast weight loss.

Benefits of Oolong Tea:

  • Enhances the Function of Fat Cells
  • Fight the effect caused by free radicals
  • Controls Body Metabolism
  • A natural solution to weight loss.
  • Anti-cancer solution
  • Lowers the Level of Cholesterol
  • Increases mental alertness
  • Stabilizes blood sugar
  • Strengthens the immune system

How Much to Drink Oolong Tea for Weight Loss

Two cups of oolong tea each day is actually important for ideal weight loss. Consequently, when to consume oolong tea implies consuming oolong tea two times daily. 

That is one time in the morning hours and one time in the middle of the afternoon latte are going to be considerably more beneficial for the good energy and taste that prevent all of the additional unhealthy calories right from any other drinks.


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4. Mint Tea

Mint tea for Weight lossA study found out that sniffing of peppermint every 2 hours can help you to reduce a lot of weight. 

You will feel less hungry after sniffing peppermint. Another helpful trick is by drinking mint tea. 

Certain scent can trigger hunger and also suppress appetite. Mint one of the scents. 

If you can’t find organic mint essential oil, mint tea is available in every grocery shop and online store.  Drinking mint tea before sleep also promoting a good sleep. (source)

5. White Tea

White tea is the tea with highest antioxidants content because this tea is processed naturally and dried under the sun. Like other tea, it can speed up your metabolism and increase the lipolysis process. This tea is able to stop the formation of fat cells or adipogenesis

White tea is available to be purchased via online and offline. By drinking it regularly, it can tighten your waist and make your body even toned. Based on studies, you can see the weight loss transition faster by drinking White tea than other types of tea.

6. Rooibos Tea

This tea contains a compound that can reduce stress hormones. When we are under stress, a hormone called cortisol will be released. Cortisol contributes to fat cell development and caused it more difficult to get removed from the body. 

By drinking Rooibos Tea, the production of cortisol can be avoided. Your weight loss effort will be rewarding and satisfying without the cortisol and bad stress getting in your way. 

Rooibos tea is made from the root and the color is slightly in red. It contains a lot of antioxidants and important compound for your body. If Rooibos tea is something new for you, it is easy to find online and at your nearest grocery store.

Coffee: Drink for Weight loss

Coffee for weight lossDo you like your coffee to be hot or cold? Iced coffee is a new trend because it tastes lighter and fragrant. 

How coffee can help in weight loss is it can increase the metabolic rate of your body. 

A study shows about 3-11% metabolic rate could be increased by drinking coffee every morning. The High metabolism will make the fat burning process easier. 

Coffee contains caffeine, a stimulant that contributes to increase fat break down and weight loss in a long term. 

Aside from drinking coffee, you also can make your own coffee scrub at home. It improves your skin condition, blood circulation and removing cellulite. 

Someone who trying to reduce weight always facing cellulite problem. The homemade coffee scrub can be your natural yet effective cellulite solution in a very low cost.

Vitamin Water: Drink for Weight Loss

Vitamin Water For Weight LossYou can make your own vitamin water at home. Just a few simple ingredients needed and you will have a lifetime supply of vitamin water right from your own kitchen.

Vitamin water is a great drink for weight loss and detox. It rich in minerals, vitamin, and antioxidant which essential for your health. You can make detox water by adding fruits and herbs of your choices.

How To Make Vitamin Water

You will need fruits and herbs of your own choice. To keep the water, drinking bottle or a glass jar with an airtight lid is recommended. 

There is no sugar or preservatives needed to make this healthy beverage. But if you need to have a sweeter Vitamin water, adding a little bit of organic honey is the right thing to do.

Before making the vitamin water, you need to ensure that ingredients are cleansed well and the tools such as knife, chopping board, and bottle are clean from any impurities. Please wash your hands before preparing using soap and warm water.

Top ingredients are such as:

  1. Fresh fruit such as watermelon, honeydew, berries, strawberries, lemon, lime, blueberry, raspberry, cucumber, pineapple, and grapes.
  2. Herbs such as peppermint, basil leave, rosemary, lemon leaf, and cinnamon

Ingredients That Not Suitable For Vitamin Water

It is recommended for you to avoid squishy fruits or over-ripe fruit such as banana, mango, avocado, and soursop. Leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, or root vegetables like potato also not suitable to make a vitamin water.

You need to cut the fruit into cubes, small chunks or thin slices. In a bottle or a glass jar, fill it with ingredients up to half of the container. The rest of it, fill it with water. Make sure you leave no air pocket to avoid the fruit from oxidation.

Vitamin water is enjoyable to drink or weight loss both hot and cold. But, most of the consumers preferred it to be served cold. It’s fresh and soothing in that way.

Easy Vitamin Water Recipe

1. Green tea with Lime and Mint herb

Green tea with Lime and Mint herbBrew a glass of green tea. Put it aside and let it cool. In a container, add sliced lime and mint herb. 

Do not put too much mint because it can overpower the taste later. 

Add the green tea and then keep your vitamin water in the fridge to let it chill before drink.

2. Cucumber with lemon and lime combo

Cucumber with lemon and lime comboThis is a refreshing vitamin water and very ideal for a hot day. Slice all ingredients and put it in the container. 

Add water until it full before close. Put it in the fridge and enjoy it cold on the next day. 

This vitamin water improves digestion to give you a slimmer waist and very hydrating. The Cucumber also high in vitamins and antioxidants which very essential for your skin. You can see the visible result that your skin getting smoother, glowing, and less in wrinkle.

3. Strawberry and Kiwi combo

Strawberry and Kiwi comboStrawberry and Kiwi are sour but high in vitamins and antioxidants. Cut the fruits into cubes and put it in the jar. 

Add cold water and a little bit of honey if you want a hint of sweetness. Keep it in a fridge at least for 4 hours before drink.

This beverage is healthy and full of vitamin C. Different from bottled vitamin water in the grocery store, your homemade vitamin water is healthier because it doesn’t contain any preservative, coloring, and artificial flavor. The major advantage is, you are having a fresh beverage every time.

4. Triple Citrus Combo

Triple Citrus ComboYou can add 2 slices of lemon, 2 slices of lime, and 2 slices of orange in a bottle or jar. 

Fill it with water and then close it. Keep it in the fridge overnight and enjoy the citrusy taste on the next day. 

This lemon water potentially increase metabolism, full of antioxidants, reduce heartburn, and strengthening the immune defense. This drink for weight loss suppressed appetite and improves your digestive system. 

Like a detox water, it cleanses your gut and promotes a healthy bowel movement. Drinking this vitamin water regularly potentially make you waist to be slimmer and tighter. 

Plain water VS Flavored water

Every person who is in a weight loss program will be carrying a bottle of water with them wherever they go. Drinking water is to keep the body hydrated since 60% of our body is water. 

Our body fluid need to be replaced because due to our daily activity especially exercising, we can get a lot amount of water loss every day. 

Fluid losses occur non-stop in our daily life from sweating, urinating, skin evaporation, and even breathing.

It is important for us to drink at least 8 glasses of water if you are an active person in sports or currently trying to lose weight. 

When you think you need to drink something new but healthy, this is the time for flavored water such as vitamin water, coffee, and tea to be the water replacement. 

Carbonated drinks, slushies, or ice-cream smoothies are high in sugar, calories, and carb. It will the culprit in your weight loss effort. 

Choosing the right flavored water is important so you will never ruin your weight loss weekly result.


It is easy for you to make your own healthy drink for weight loss at home. You can keep it overnight so it becomes in handy for the next day. Keep a bottle of water near you to avoid dehydration and muscle cramp.

While doing your exercise or your favorite sports, you will lose a lot of water and it needs to be replaced. By drinking a glass water every morning will keep the body rehydrate.

You can drink a glass of green tea before and after meal to boost your metabolism to support a good digestion and fat cell break down.

Avoid sodas and canned drink because it will provide your body without any nutrients but adding more calories for you to work on. Drink wisely and be happy with the weighing scale result.

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