5 Simple Step On How To Creat Diet Meal Planning To Lose Belly Fat

Diet Meal planning has a number of benefits, which is why a number of people regularly do it. 

It will give you more control over your diet as you make sure that you’re getting everything you need but with a variety of foods. 

It can also help you save time since you can prepare foods in advance. You can save money by buying in bulk and avoiding wasting food that goes bad when you don’t eat it.

Losing belly fat is a vital part of maintaining your overall health. Since it can damage a number of your organs can cause a variety of problems. 

Fortunately, with the right diet and exercise plan, you can successfully lose belly fat to be healthier and happier. 

The best way to make sure you’re eating right is through meal planning.

Step #1 Make Diet Meal Lists​

Diet Meal ListsThe first thing you need to do is make lists of the foods that you’ll be eating as part of your diet. 

You can divide them however you like whether it’s by their protein or fiber content or food group. 

If there are foods that are part of a good diet to lose belly fat that you’ve never tried before. Be sure to include them and be prepared to start experimenting with how to cook them.

The lists that we’ve put together here as a sample are grouped by macronutrients. We listed good sources of protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates. 

We’ve also added a category for fiber since it’s a vital part of losing belly fat. 

Note that some foods appear on more than one list which means they fit into more than one category.

Step #2 Make Diet Recipe Cards​

Diet Meal Recipe Cards
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The next thing that you’ll need to do is plan meals by pulling foods from the lists.

Go ahead and get a notebook out and write out the names of the meals. 

The best way to plan is to keep each diet meal balanced so that no matter what you include for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You’ll be sure to get everything you need for that day, particularly when it comes to protein and fiber.


We recommend starting with breakfast since it’s usually a simple meal and you’ll only need a small handful of meals to pick from. Since breakfast doesn’t have to have a lot of variety. 

You may even decide to only create one meal for breakfast and eat the same thing every day, if you’re a creature of habit. 

If you do go that route. Be sure it’s perfectly balanced to start your day off right.

Once you’ve got as many meals as you want for breakfast then you can move on to lunch. 


If you take your lunch to work with you. This will limit what you can make. Since you you’ll need to pack it and probably won’t have a lot of time to cook in the morning.

However, this is where meal planning is so important, as you can prepare your lunch the night before.

Don’t forget about snacks when packing your lunch to take to work with you. Eating smaller meals and snacking in between will help keep you from over-eating at meal times when you get hungry from not having eaten in a few hours. 

Because snacks are something that causes a lot of people to “cheat” on their diet. It’s important to make sure that you’re bringing healthy ones to avoid temptation.

When it comes to dinners, this can be a lot trickier, especially if you are preparing food for your whole family. 


Fortunately, this diet program is healthy for anyone, so you can make the same meal for your family as you are for yourself. 

Though you will have to pay more attention to how much you’re eating of everything that you prepare.

Now that you have your lists together, break out the index cards. You’ll want to include one meal on each card. 

We recommend putting the name of the meal at the top of the card with a list of exactly what ingredients you need below it. 

Then, if you need a recipe for it, you can put that on the back. You may also want to color-coordinate the cards by meals.

Something else we recommend doing is including important nutrition information on the front of the cards with the ingredients. 

Particularly how many carbs they have and how much protein and fiber you’ll be getting from them. 

This will make it easy to make sure you’re getting enough of these key ingredients every day.

Step #3 Plan Meals​

Diet Eating plan
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How far in advance you plan your diet meal is entirely up to you, but we recommend planning at least one week at a time. 

This will allow you to have good variety of foods throughout the week. It won’t be as overwhelming as trying to plan a month in advance. 

Eventually, you may be able to plan further in advance if you wanted to.

If you have your meals well-balanced then it will be easy to plan the week out.

Simply grab a card from each category and fill in every meal for the week along with a couple snacks each day. 

The best way to plan is to keep meals that use similar foods closer together. 

For example, if you make chicken for dinner then also have it for lunch the next day. You can cook it all at once to have it ready for the next day.

How you set up your system is completely up to you. You might laminate your recipe cards and stick them to a large chart on the wall. Where you can easily move them around and see them during the week. 

Or you could print out an empty meal schedule and simply write in your plans for the week. And keep this on your fridge or in a kitchen drawer where you can get to it quickly.

Step #4 Go Shopping​

Make your shopping list based on your diet meal plans for the week and you’ll be able to buy exactly what you need. 

This will help you save money since you won’t be buying things that you’re not going to use. 

It will help keep you from making impulse buys of unhealthy foods since you have a plan and a list to work from.

If you want to save even more money on food. The best way to do that is to buy in bulk or when foods are on sale. 

You may consider checking the sales papers of your favorite stores during the diet meal planning process and pick foods from there.

That are also on your list to help you save money. If you do buy in bulk, make sure you check before shopping to see what you already have on hand.

Step #5 Start Cooking

Diet Meal Cooking
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There are two ways that you can do meal planning

You can simply use it as a way to guide your meals throughout the week or you can take it to the next level and do meal prepping.

So that you spend just one day cooking and preparing food for the rest of the week. 

You can also do a mixture of this and prepare parts of your meals or at least your snacks for the week all on one day.

Meal prepping is a good way to be able to save time throughout the week and It can help keep you from throwing out food that goes bad before you can use it. 

There are a number of foods that you can freeze to be cooked or reheated later. 

So that all you have to do is pull a bag out of your freezer in the morning then toss everything in the oven to make dinner that night.

Although it takes a lot of work at the beginning, diet meal planning is well worth it. Once you put it in place as it will help you eat exactly what you need and from a wide variety of sources so that you can quickly and easily lose unhealthy belly fat.

By following our suggestions, you’ll be on your way to setting up an easy way to start meal planning to lose belly fat.

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