5 Powerful Detox Teas With Amazing Benefits

Detoxification is the key bodily function that ensures holistic health and wellness if it functions properly. 

The significance of this process cannot be overemphasized. It keeps your organs performing optimally, aids the bowel movement, prevents disease, boosts energy levels and keeps you looking young and radiant. 

Though your body is naturally capable of eliminating toxins, it may still need help considering the growing exposure to environmental toxins. 

No wonder, detox diets and supplements are gaining extensive popularity these days. Several herbs have been recognized for their benefits in this context. 

Here is a list of herbal teas that you can start drinking for improving your detox function:

Ginger Tea

Start your day with a cup of steaming hot ginger tea to give your body an effective cleansing boost. 

The herb is gentle on your body and has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer action. 

It promotes the digestive process by strengthening the liver and colon to eliminate toxins more effectively. 

Moreover, it perks up your energy levels instantly. The best part about ginger tea is that it is delicious and can be safely consumed several times a day. 

It makes a great combination with any detox program. 

Dandelion Tea

Dandelion tea makes another powerful detox remedies as it stimulates the digestive enzyme and aids the removal of toxic buildup from your body. 

The potent herb is even capable of flushing out the harmful cancer-causing carcinogens, which enhances its medicinal value manifold. 

It promotes the function of liver and gallbladder. Dandelion tea is diuretic in action, which makes it effective for flushing out the harmful substances from the body through urine. 

Milk Thistle Tea

Milk Thistle tea is revered for the benefits that it brings for the liver function. It is enriched with an active compound called silymarin, which has been revered as a natural liver protector for ages. 

Milk thistle seeds are known to protect the healthy cells, promote the production of new cells and prevent inflammation of the liver. Have a cup of this healthy concoction every morning to give your liver a kick start. 

Cayenne Pepper Tea

Surprising as it may sound, cayenne pepper tea makes an amazing health drink with a multitude of detox benefits. 

While you may have always thought of it as a healthful spice for flavoring your food, it can also be used as a cleansing tea that not only detoxifies but also elevates your energy levels. 

It aids digestion, stimulates the circulatory system, regulates blood sugar and promotes the metabolic function as well. 

Garlic Tea

Brewing this pungent herb and drinking it as a tea may not sound like an attractive idea but the health benefits that it can bring are absolutely amazing. 

The medicinal herb is highly effective for giving your body a complete cleansing. It is good for liver and enhances its capacity to eliminate toxins and chemicals naturally. 

Detox diets and drinks have incredible benefits when it comes to putting your digestive system back on track. 

Read this  http://themammahomemaker.com/how-do-detox-diets-work/ to know  how these diets actually work. 

Herbal teas make an excellent addition to such diets as they increase their impact and get you results faster. 

Additionally, they work naturally and gently which means that you can take them in the long run without worrying about side effects.

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