Chinese Weight Loss Herbs The Most Popular and Trusted Treatment

Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM has been around for almost 2000 years. Chinese Weight Loss Herbs has the cure for every illness including weight gain. Chinese people emphasizes the balance of ying and yang. 

The imbalance of yin-yang in the body will lead to illness. They also believed the healthy flow of qi or energy in their body plays an important role to keep their body going. If the qi is blocked, the body will get sick or not be functioning properly.

In weight loss, TCM has a variety of effective treatment. The combination of the treatments will give you the visible result faster than you can expect. If you are interested to know more about Chinese herbs for weight loss treatment, this is what you should read.

TCM Suggest Foods With Strong Flavors

In order to lose a lot of weight, it starts from the kitchen. Your hard exercise and sports will give zero effect if you still with or old eating habit. 

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, you should take something sour, bitter, and pungent to lose weight. Food that leads to weight gain is always something that salty, sweet, and greasy. Choose your food wisely will cut the pounds faster and avoid you from building more fat cells.

Chinese Weight Loss Herbs

TCM has a lot of useful herbs that can be used to suppress appetite and increase body’s metabolism. In order to burn fat, you need to eat more low-fat food. Stick to high-protein and high-fiber food will provide your body with enough energy and nutrients.

To solve your craving problem, there are herbs for you to try. These herbs can be added to your soup or you can make a tea from it. In China, you can buy your herbs at Chinese herb shops. Here are some herbs with weight loss benefits.

He Ye (lotus leaf)

Lotus leaves or known as folium nelumbinisis called He Ye herb in China. He Ye is a good herb for weight loss in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chinese people use this leaf to make tea. 

This tea is full of weight loss benefits to keep them slim. Other than that, this tea is useful to treat constipation, induce diuresis, and burn fats continuously.

Middle-aged women who have obesity problem can drink this tea for weight loss benefits. He Ye tea contains a lot of alkaloids to prevent adult diseases including excessive body weight. This herb also can be added to homemade food.

Huang Qi (Astragaslus)

Another important herb from TCM is Huang Qi. This herb can protect the liver. A healthy liver is important to support a healthy body. 

Our body needs the liver to remove as much toxin as it can out of our body. The buildup of toxins in the body will lead to brain damage and weight gain.

Huang Qi or Astragalus is a long plant with the yellow tap root. This herb can be used as tea to maintain a healthy body including to reduce a lot of weight. 

Other uses of this herb are to prevent cold, fight bacteria, treats skin disorders, and avoid inflammation. Chinese people add this herb to their soup or stews to make their cuisine more healthy and delicious. Chicken soup is the best dish that goes well this herb.

CheQianCao (Plantain herb)

This herb is known as the plantain herb. This herb is a little bit sweet and cooling.  CheQianCaocan lower the blood pressure. It is also a treatment for red eyes, urinary infection, and to remove the toxin from the body. 

Detoxify your body will help you in weight loss because you can avoid the unwanted toxin from weakening your metabolism to burn the fats. This herb can be added to food or you can brew it to make a tea.

Warm Beverages

Chinese people especially the folks avoid cold beverages because it can slow the digestion process. They love to drink warm beverages in the morning and after meal to boost metabolism, keep the body warm, and to improve their digestion. 

A smooth digestion will keep weight gain at bay. A warm beverage like herbal tea can eliminate fat and toxin from the body. Traditional Chinese Medicine using a variety of herbs and roots for treatment. Here are some of the most popular Chinese herbs for weight loss around the world.

Green tea

This is one of the most popular tea in China. Green tea is acknowledged by the scientist for its antioxidant benefits and fat burning ability. It contains catechins, an antioxidant compound that increases body’s metabolism level. 

This is how your body can eliminate the fat because a high metabolism allowed you to burn more fats every day.

You can drink this tea every morning and after a meal to get the fast weight loss result. It is about 4-5 cups of green tea per day. By drinking green tea and doing 25 minutes of workout a day, you can get rid of the pounds easily. 

Black Tea

You can drink black tea like you need to drink your plain water daily. Black tea is very fragrant and it tastes more like plain water. This tea improves cardiovascular function according to the researchers in Italy and China. It improves blood flow and blood vessel dilation. 

A good blood flow or blood circulation will carry the energy to every corner of your body. Your body will be avoided from fatigue which is important when you are in a weight loss program. You need to keep your body energetic so you can do all the workouts easily to reduce weight every day.

White Tea

White tea is made from the same tea leaves but produced through a different process. This tea is able to prevent new fat cells from forming in the body. You can take white tea as frequent as green tea. These teas are also best to be combined to maximize the benefit of weight loss.

Mostly the tea in China is organic. It is a great drink for weight loss but also important for beauty. White tea is high in antioxidants. This compound can prevent the skin from premature aging and wrinkles. A person who loves to drink tea usually has a great looking skin.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is not only famous in China but also in Japan. This tea is benefiting the body especially to avoid bacterial infection and weight gain. The antioxidants properties in Oolong tea called polymerized polyphenols. This compound inhibits the body from absorbing fat. This is the best weapon your body can have to stop the body from keeping unnecessary fat.

If you don’t want to have just a plain water at home or every meal, you can drink Oolong tea instead. Someone who drinks Oolong tea regularly can reduce body weight easier. By drinking this tea and having a healthy lifestyle, you can see the body transition and lose weight very rapidly.

Mint Tea

This is the tea that you must have if you are dealing with craving problem. If you are addicted to something sweet or you love to eat carb, you can help yourself by sniffing mint essential oil or drinking mint tea instead. Mint tea can curb your hunger and reduce your addiction.

The scent of mint will relax your mind. This tea is low in caffeine but good enough to improve your blood circulation. Aside from suppressing your appetite; this tea also can help you to promote a good night sleep. It is important for you to get enough sleep every night because it is needed for your body. While you are sleeping, your body is resting and recharging for the next day. You will have enough energy to do more workout and burn the calories tomorrow.

Red Tea

This tea can boost your metabolism to help you lose more body weight. Rooibos tea is a red tea because it’s made from “red bush” plant. The leave of this plant is where the tea came from. How red tea helps you in weight loss? It contains a powerful flavonoid called Aspalathin. This type of flavonoids inhibits fat from developing inside the human body. You can drink this tea every morning to start your day.

For the one who disfavors zero taste in water, this tea is naturally sweet. There is no sugar needed but you can enjoy a naturally sweet tea every day. This tea also boosts metabolism so you can use up all of your calories faster. This is not like ordinary tea. It’s made from the root and more like a herbal infusion that ready for you to drink.

Chamomile & Lavender Tea

This is the best tea to fight stress and depression. Stress is one of the biggest enemies in weight loss because your body is producing cortisol during emotional stress. Cortisol will be kept under the fat. When that happens, it becomes harder to get removed.

This tea helps you to fight stress, fatigue and promotes good night sleep. A person who suffered from insomnia is recommended to drink this tea to cure the sleeping problem. Chamomile and lavender tea are easy to be purchased at the store and via online.

Goji Tea

Goji berry is harvested from Lyciumbarbarum plant. In China and most in Asia, this herb is a traditional remedy for diabetes with additional weight loss benefit. It is suggested for you to drink this tea before meal. I hour after drink, it can burn up your calories 10 percent faster than usual. This Goji tea is usually mixed with green tea. By combining these two ingredients, the ability to burn calories is been maximized. Try this healthy beverage to turn on all of your calorie burning switches.


This fermented Chinese tea is drink during Chinese New Year for a good health. But, you can drink it as your healthy weight loss beverage every day. It burns calories and can shrink fat cells. It can help you to lose the fat around the waistline. Drink warm pu-erh tea every morning before you go to work or morning exercise.

This tea is easy to purchase in China. But the international consumers can get it online. Pu-erh tea is a detoxifying drink because it cleanses the blood from harmful toxins. It promotes smooth toxins eliminations so you can achieve your weight loss goal faster.


Other than drinking herbal tea, a healthy lifestyle is important to Chinese people. Chinese weight loss acupuncture is effective to help you lose a lot of weight. The idea for acupuncture is to stimulate your body by insertion of sterile needles. The needles will be inserted into specific body points. Certain energy points can be stimulated to give you the healing effect that you need.

You can enjoy your weight loss acupuncture to lose weight, control appetite or to reduce stress. Acupuncture is not painful but you can feel the needle once it gets inserted. The weight loss acupuncture is ear acupuncture in China. There are points around ears that connected to all major body parts and internal organs. You can massage your ear by using your fingers. If you are not sure about the energy points, you can have a weekly or monthly acupuncture. (source)


Traditional Chinese Medicine still is the most popular and trusted treatment in Asia because it is so effective. Most of the herbs will give you unimaginable bitter taste but it’s so worth it once your pain has gone. 

In weight loss, drinking herbal tea will increase your metabolism to give you more energy to burn more calories and fat. The tea is suitable to drink every morning and after a meal. You can prefer a light fragrant tea like green tea and white tea. 

If you are open for an extraordinary tea, try the lavender tea and hibiscus tea. This drink is stimulating your senses, promoting a calmer mind, and help you to curb appetite in weight loss. 

Some tea and Chinese herbal can remove toxins to speed up your weight loss process. Chinese herbs for weight loss is easy to purchase via online. Try it today and feel different.

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