Top 4 Effective Fat-Burning Workouts At Home for Arms-Stomach-Back-Whole Body

When you’re trying to lose weight, there are two things that will determine your success: diet and exercise. Once you’ve got a good diet in place, then you need to start doing some fat-burning workouts to really start melting off that fat to get to a good, healthy weight

Daily exercise to lose weight is the key, and the best way to stay consistent is to look for ways to work out at home.

For every part of your body, there is a best fat-burning workouts. We’re going to go over every major muscle group and give you ways to target that area for weight loss.

Best Fat-Burning Workouts in Arms: Triceps Dips

What are Triceps Dips?

Although they specifically target the triceps, this fat-burning workouts actually works to tone the entire arm.

Since fat accumulation in the arms is common and undesirable yet hard to get rid of, using this exercise is the best way to burn fat in the arms. 

Because of how well it works to burn arm fat, it’s the only exercise you need for your arms when working out at home.

How to do Triceps Dips

  1. Start by sitting on the floor with your knees bent comfortably and your feet flat on the floor and in line with your hips.
  2. Place your hands on the floor so that they are directly beneath your shoulders and about a foot behind your hips.
  3. Straighten your arms and lift your hips from the floor so that you can feel the weight of your body on your arms.
  4. Slowly bend your right elbow, keeping your left elbow straight as you lower your hip to the floor.
  5. Return to having both arms straight.
  6. Repeat step 4 with your left arm.

Benefits of Triceps Dips

Triceps dips will help you to target the fat that’s on your arms, which will give you slimmer, firmer arms. 

Because they’re both easy to do and don’t require equipment, it makes it perfect for doing at home.

It’s also easy to do, and as long as you keep up a good form, there’s little chance of injury as long as you stretch properly afterwards. (1)

Best Fat-Burning Workouts in Stomach: Crunches

What are Crunches?

Crunches are abdominal exercises that target belly fat and help strengthen your core muscles. 

They are similar to the traditional sit-up, but don’t require pulling your body up as far, which can strain your back and doesn’t help strengthen any muscles. 

There are many variations of the crunch, and using a combination will help you burn more stomach fat.

How to do Crunches

  1. Start by lying on your back on a firm but comfortable surface like a yoga mat.
  2. Bend your knees at 45-degree angles, keeping your feet flat on the ground.
  3. Tuck your hands behind your head to support your neck. Be sure to not pull on your head as that can strain your neck.
  4. Lift your body upwards with your abdominal muscles, only going until your shoulders have come about 6 to 8 inches off the ground.
  5. Lower your body slowly back to the floor.
  6. Do a twist crunch by lifting only your right shoulder and moving it diagonally so that you feel the right abdominal muscles working.
  7. Do a twist crunch with your left side.

You can start by doing 3 sets of 10 repetitions of these three crunches, so 10 basic crunches, 10 twist crunches to the right, and 10 twist crunches to the left. 

Eventually, you can work your way up to doing 5 or more sets of 10 repetitions of the set of crunches.

Benefits of Crunches

The biggest benefit of crunches is that it will strengthen your core muscles. These muscles are what help you keep your body upright and keeping them strong can actually eliminate back pain as they hold your back straight. 

Another benefit of crunches is that they burn belly fat, which is important since higher amounts of fat around the stomach is associated with a number of dangerous health conditions.  (2)

Best Fat-Burning Workouts in Back: Pull-Ups

By far the best fat-burning workouts to burn stubborn back fat is to do pull-ups.

These do require the use of a bar, but these can usually be purchased an installed for a minimal amount. 

The benefits that you’ll get from having a high-quality pull-up bar installed in your home workout center will certainly make it well-worth having, especially for being able to do pull-ups to burn back fat.

How to do Pull-Ups

  1. Place your hands on the bar with your palms facing forward, reaching out so your arms form a “V” shape. When your hands are facing you, this is a chin-up and works your arms more than your back.
  2. Take a deep breath.
  3. Pull yourself up until your elbows are bent at 90-degree angles.
  4. As soon as your feet are off the ground, cross your ankles and bend your knees slightly to keep them from touching the ground.
  5. Slowly lower yourself back towards the ground.

Because pull-ups are difficult to do, you may not be able to do more than one at a time if you are not athletic. 

Eventually, you should be able to work yourself up to doing 3 sets of 10. 

A great way to get started if you’re not able to lift yourself up is to do reverse pull-ups. 

To do those, use a bench or sturdy chair to start in the up position and then lower yourself to the ground until you build up your strength.

Benefits of Pull-Ups

A pull-up engages every muscle in your back, making it great for burning back fat since it targets those muscles. Because of that, it’s also the only exercise you need for your back. 

Another benefit is that they only require the use of a bar, making them easy to do at home. 

Although they are hard for beginners, once you get good at them, pull-ups are amazing, fat-burning exercises. (3)

Best Fat-Burning Workouts in the Whole Body: Burpees

What are Burpees?

Burpees are the best full-body exercise that you can do to target the fat all over your body. They use a combination of a push-up, a squat, and a jump all done at a fast rate.

That will get your heart pumping and encourages your body to start burning fat from your arms, legs, back, and abdominal regions. You can do these without any equipment.

How to do Burpees

  1. Start from a standing position with your feet roughly aligned with your shoulders.
  2. Do a squat, lowering your body quickly with your legs while keeping your back straight.
  3. Place your hands on the ground in front of you.
  4. Jump your feet straight back to put yourself in a push-up position.
  5. Do a push-up, making sure you keep your back straight.
  6. Jump your feet forward so that they’re where they were before you jumped back with them.
  7. Stand up quickly.
  8. Leap into the air as high as you can while putting your arms straight up.

You can track burpee sets in two different ways. You can do 3 sets of 15 repetitions, or you can do 3 sets of 45-second intervals during which you do as many repetitions as possible.

When you are first starting out, you may not be able to jump back and forth with your feet. If this is the case, you can step back and forward with one foot at a time until you’re able to move faster.

Benefits of Burpees

Burpees are a great full-body exercise because they work every major muscle group. They are also fast-paced which can boost your metabolism long after you finish your workout. A metabolism boost will help you burn more calories and therefore fat for several hours after you finish working out, making burpees the best fat-burning workouts.(4)


The best way to lose weight while doing exercises at home is to include a mixture of strength and cardio workouts.

Strength exercises, like most of the ones we talked about, will target certain areas of your body and will build up your muscles.

Because muscle burns more calories at rest than fat, increasing your muscle mass will help you burn more fat without having to think about it.

Cardio exercises, on the other hand, can help keep your metabolism going and will burn more calories during the workout.

Make sure you spread out strength-training exercises because focusing on one part of the body several days in a row can damage your muscles and joints, and could lead to soreness or even serious injury.

Most low-impact cardio exercises can be done every day, such as walking, though high-intensity cardio workouts like burpees should be spread out like strength-training exercises.

Setting up a schedule for yourself is the best way to incorporate daily exercise to lose weight into your life.

You should not only plan on what fat-burning workouts you will be doing each day, but also set up a time for yourself to exercise every day. Then, place that daily exercise time as a high priority in your life to make sure that you do it.

Daily Fat-Burning Workouts

Monday – Squats and 20 minutes of low-intensity cardio.

Tuesday – 10 minutes of low-intensity cardio to warm up, burpees, then 10 minutes of low-intensity cardio to cool down.

Wednesday – Triceps dips and 20 minutes of low-intensity cardio.

Thursday – 10 minutes of low-intensity cardio to warm up, burpees, then 10 minutes of low-intensity cardio to cool down.

Friday – Crunches, pull-ups, and 20 minutes of low-intensity cardio.

Saturday – 10 minutes of low-intensity cardio to warm up, burpees, then 10 minutes of low-intensity cardio to cool down.

Sunday – Day of rest.

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